This is How We Keep Our Teams Connected

The team of Polarity Technologies Ltd has been working from home since March 16, 2020. SPE group has decided to have Polarity Technologies Ltd,  Spigot Inc. & Eightpoint working remotely, as part of an effort to keep us, our families and the community safe.

Yes, we do chat throughout the day using Slack. However, a more meaningful interaction among team members is important to keep the bonds strong.

Today, is Thursday so we have Polarity’s Virtual Coffee Break; A casual video call that takes place on a weekly basis for us to see and talk to each other about topics related and unrelated to work.

We have found out that not only Polarity, but Spigot & Eightpoint too, are taking action in order to keep their teams connected.

More specifically, we have learned that our friends from Spigot Inc. have arranged a Virtual Happy Hour last week and they played Wheel of Fortune! According to a team member of Spigot Inc., “The show was hosted by Gameshow Gauntlet (Highly recommend) and it was a blast! Everyone hopped on Zoom at 3pm, made a drink, grabbed a few teammates and got to participate in the fun.”

Keeping the teams connected during these times is very important and  Zoom helps a lot.

Teamwork is Polarity’s core value. We invest heavily in building strong teams, because as our conference room’s wall sticker says “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”.

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