Instagram Reels: How to Grow Your Reach

Last summer Instagram has launched a new content format, Reels, which enables users to create and publish short and fun videos on the platform. Although many people compare Reels to TikTok, the new IG tool is still in the early stages. As Polarity Technologies has learned from Social Media Today, IG has issued yesterday some new Reels advice.

The interesting announcement of the social media giant, made it clear that visibly recycled content from other apps will be downranked by its algorithm.  To put is simple, if you re-post a video that was created on another app (e.g., TikTok), IG will show it only to the people that follow you. Therefore, if you are looking to grow your reach and followers, make sure that your videos are created using the Reels camera and tools, and that your clips have no visible watermarks/logos on, or boarders.

To recap, this is the recipe of successful Reels :

  • Freshly-made clips
  • Entertaining, fun and creative content
  • Vertical orientation
  • Original audio created within the app, or music from IG music library
  • Creative tools used, such as filters, effects and some text

In Polarity Technologies we are fascinated by how rapidly the digital world is evolving, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the tech giants and the digital community.

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