Facebook Testing Ways To Allow Five Profiles on One Account

Facebook announced recently that certain users will be able to have several accounts as part of a test, suggesting a significant change as Meta seeks for new strategies to keep users on the app in the face of heightened competition from rivals.

Some Facebook users will get the option to create up to four extra accounts linked to their primary account as part of the test. It is proposed that users can create extra profiles for a variety of purposes such as one for friends, one for coworkers, and others for communicating with influencers and interest groups. Users will still only need one account, but they will be able to quickly move between profiles.

According to spokesman Leonard Lam, profiles will be subject to Facebook’s regulations, and infractions on one profile would have an impact on the account as a whole.

To help people tailor their experience based on interests and relationships, we’re testing a way for people to have more than one profile tied to a single Facebook account. Anyone who uses Facebook must continue to follow our rules,” Lam says, according to The Verge.

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