Twitter Confirmed That a Built-in Note Tool is Under Development

Twitter announced in a recent post that is now developing a new long-form blogging tool called Twitter Notes. According to the platform, a number of people in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Ghana already have access to the feature. As Polarity Technologies has learned from The Verge“Users can click into the Write tab to start writing a Note, and can then embed the Note into their tweet when finished.” Many users have already posted Notes on Twitter; long posts that incorporate tweets, videos, and pictures.

For months, rumors about such a feature have been swirling, but now it has been confirmed that Twitter is working on developing the foresaid note tool. Introducing long-form writing to Twitter might significantly alter the platform’s identity, which has always been characterized by short-form writing.

Twitter may be able to increase the value of the app by integrating long-form writing into its platform. Directly posting articles or notes to Twitter would make the text searchable and marketable. It might also integrate with the new Newsletters function offered by the popular social media platform.

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