Will TikTok Let Users Charge Subscription Fees?

TikTok is testing support for paid subscriptions in an effort to give creators the opportunity to make money out of their videos. If TikTok proceeds with paid subscriptions, this will be the latest move by TikTok to help users monetize their content. Having that said, you might be wondering, how will creators fuel the algorithm and reach users, if their best content is only available to subscribers?

As Polarity Technologies has learned from The Verge, “The app’s major advantage over competitors is its uncanny algorithm that surfaces content to users’ For You pages. It’s a way for creators to reach users and ideally turn them into subscribers. But if creators are holding their best content for subscribers, that content is probably not available to fuel the algorithm, which in turn could reduce engagement, since in theory, it’s not being surfaced to non-subscribers.”

TikTok is not the only digital platform that faces this issue, as many similar apps are taking action on helping creators generate profit, while balancing engagement. Of course, creators should be able to forecast what type of content users would be willing to pay for. TikTok is not the only platform that has announced paid subscriptions. As Polarity Technologies has learned, Instagram stated that it’s about to launch a test of paid subscriptions through which users will be paying a monthly fee that will range from $0.99 to $99.99 to access exclusive content.

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