What is Your Personality Type? Take the Test and Find Out

Have you ever heard of Myers-Briggs personality test?

The test of Myers-Briggs is a widely used business tool which helps managers to understand better each team member, so they can adjust their management style and approach accordingly. This helps them lead effectively and get the most out of their team.

According to the creators of this test, there are 16 different personality types. Take the test for free at 16Personalities.com, and find out what is your personality type and what kind of career suits you best.

When you complete the test, a four letter code will appear in your results.

Here is what each letter stands for:

I or E: “I” will appear as the first letter of your personality type code, if you are Introvert. “E” on the other hand, will be the first letter of your personality code if you are an Extrovert.

or N: “S” will appear if you focus on the basic information you take in, where “N” will be shown if you interpret and add meaning.

or F: If you are more rational, “T” will appear. If you are more emotional, an “F” will appear in your code.

or P: If you prefer to get things decided, you will get a “J”. But if you are more likely to stay open to options you will get a “P”.

Each role and occupation has an ideal personality type. However, diverse personalities make a workplace more interesting, creative, productive and help companies grow faster.

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