8 Things Millennials Want In The Workplace

“It is actually hard to retain Millennials happy for long, as they are quite well-known for their frequent job-hopping. […] Millennials consider it vital to have access to bosses who are supportive, give feedback, set goals and act as mentors. It seems that bosses who are actually involved, stand a very good chance, of nearly 60%, of retaining their employees engaged.” According toAccountancy Cyprus these are the 8 things that Millennials want.

  1. Supportive Behaviours: Being accessible for discussion, focusing on their strengths and giving feedback
  2. Healthy Working Relationships: Bosses shouldn’t be the reason that millennial employees leave. They should be the reason millennials stay and thrive in the workplace, pushing it toward greater success.
  3. Inclusion & Diversity Practises: They have strong views, opinions and philosophies, are naturally enthusiastic and they feel that diversity has been badly managed by past generations. Thus, with more millennials soon taking the helm of leadership positions, there will be an expectation for a bigger inclusion & diversity push.
  4. Work-Life Balance: Family, friends, social life, exercising and traveling are top priorities for this generation
  5. Training: Lack of on-the-job, technical and soft skills training is the number one reason millennials start looking for another job. This generation is hungry for learning, self-development and gaining new skillsets.
  6. Values Alignment: They want to be happier that their parents, do purposeful work and work with the best companies.
  7. Inspiration: They want to work in an environment where they have people to look up to.
  8. Non-Aggressive Competition: Millennials have realised early-on that money and status can’t buy happiness, and would rather work with their colleagues than against them.

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