Your Gmail Account is Changing Today – Every New Feature Coming to your Email Revealed

Polarity Technologies Ltd learned that Google has just announced the release of a major Gmail upgrade with a rollout starting from today. This refresh will give Gmail’s 1.2 billion users an improved look and plenty of extra features including the ability to work offline and send emails in a new confidential mode. The technology giant says it plans to push out the changes to everyone in the coming weeks. So, if you’re a Gmail user, here’s every new feature explained.

IMPROVED SECURITY: When Gmail spots something it thinks is a threat it now alerts users with a bold red alert across the message.

CONFIDENTIAL MODE: This new feature gives the sender more control over how the email is used once in the recipients inbox. Settings can stop the message getting forwarded to other people and even blocked from being downloaded or printed. There’s also the ability to require additional authentication via text message before an email can be viewed.

NUDGE, SMART REPLIES AND SNOOZE: Gmail will give you a Nudge if it thinks you’ve let something slip. Another option to help get through the daily barrage of mails is Smart Reply which lets you quickly answer with a automatic response. High-Priority notifications is a new setting that only notifies you of important messages, keeping interruptions to a minimum. One final update to help to manage your email is the Snooze function which disables a message until a set time.

EASILY UNSUBSCRIBE FROM SPAM: Gmail can now recommend when to unsubscribe from mailing lists. Using intelligence, unsubscribe suggestions appear based on cues like how many emails you get from a sender and how many of them you actually read.

A NEW LOOK: A new side panel shows services such as Google Calendar with interactions then available via a simple click and drag. Users can also now hover over messages.

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