World Health Day 2019 : #HealthForAll

The World Health Day  is celebrated around the globe on the 7th of April of each year to draw attention to a subject of major importance. Health. The World Health Day is held to mark World Health Organization’s founding which took effect on April 7 1948.

Factors that affect a person’s overall health include nutrition, physical activity level,  stress level and general lifestyle.

Polarity Technologies’ team members are being provided with fresh fruits and vegetables daily, for free! Our flexible working hours allow us to exercise on a daily basis. Our strong team spirit and common sense of humour make it easier for us to deal with stressful situations.

Even on the days that are really challenging, we support each other by sharing the tasks, therefore we manage to keep stress level low. Polarity Technologies’ corporate culture supports work-life balance, so we have sufficient time for our families and beloved ones. All of the above help us maintain health and well-being.

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