Why (Most) People Love Working From Home

Amid COVID-19 many companies have adopted the work-from-home model. Although this was initially a temporary solution for most companies, it seems that a significant number of local and international organisations are shifting to remote working model, permanently.

Not only companies have lower running expenses such as rent, electricity, everyday office expenses & maintenance, but employees seems to like it better too.

Here are 10 reasons why.

  1. They save time. Getting ready every morning, preparing and packing lunch & snacks, drive to and from the office during pick hours takes at least 2 hours, that could have been used smarter!
  2. They don’t have to drive in traffic. Apart from a total time wasting, it also drains their energy.
  3. They can work from their cosy living room.
  4. …or from a coffee shop in Paris!
  5. They can work barefoot.
  6. They can work in their pyjamas, as long as they are not on a video call.
  7. They don’t have to worry -as much- about laundry. Nobody ever died of unironed  jammies after all.
  8. They save money on gas.
  9. They take better care of their family and pets.
  10. They are less stressed about everyday logistics.

Polarity Technologies’ team has been working from home since mid March. The group has decided to have the team of Polarity Technologies Ltd working from home, including our colleagues from Spigot Inc. & Eightpoint, as part of an effort to keep us, our families and the community safe.

Do we enjoy it? Although we miss our team and our awesome office, we really like the flexibility of this model.

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