Which Restaurant is Your Favourite ?

Polarity Technologies has found out from Check In Cyprus, that we can now start voting for the Cyprus Eating Awards 2020.

Below are 13 categories and 84 restaurants, out of which we can pick and vote for our favourites. Polarity Technologies’ team has been at 8 of these places the past couple of years, as team outings is something we used to do regularly prior Covid-19.

New Arrival

  1. Aigeon Fish Bar
  2. Jam Restaurant Café
  3. Interno 3
  4. Ivory All Day ConceptWe love this place. The food is amazing. The desserts are out of this world.
  5. Rous Restaurant
  6. Sedici Italian Bar
  7. Tocayo


  1. Kalamies
  2. Karas Fish Tavern
  3. Neo Faliro
  4. Pyxida, Larnaka
  5. Vassos Psarolimano
  6. Psarolimano Filippos


  1. Epsilon Resto Bar
  2. Minthis Restaurant
  3. Nippon
  4. Pralina Experience
  5. Sitio Brasserie
  6. Skinny Fox The atmosphere is chic and cosy. That’s why we like it.


  1. Aigeon
  2. Artima Bistro
  3. Bottega Amaro
  4. Magiopoula Wine & Dine
  5. Mpempa – Good food, nice backyard. A good choice for summer.
  6. Oniro By The Sea
  7. Plagia, Ktima Vasiliadi
  8. To Pantopolio Kali OreksiOne of the best Greek(ish) restaurants in Nicosia, to us.


  1. Kartelo
  2. Mousikos
  3. Stou Rousha
  4. To Kypriakon
  5. Ttappis Tavern
  6. Forsos
  7. To Fournisto


  1. Efthimis
  2. Apantisi
  3. Theodosis
  4. Michalos
  5. To Magazaki tou Yiannou
  6. Ttasis


  1. Patio Cocktail Wine Tapas Bar – Unique place. Good Music. We like it.
  2. Pier One Café-RestobarAwesome Location and Cocktails! 
  3. Summer Sky Lounge
  4. The Jolly Joker
  5. Vino Cultura Wine Bar & Cellar

Beach Bar/Restaurant

  1. Ammos Μakenzy
  2. Columbia Beach We really like this place, because of the delicious food and awesome ambience. 
  3. Isola Beach Bar
  4. Marina Beach Bar
  5. Nava Seaside

Nice Price

  1. Valtou Rigani
  2. Jamie’s Italian
  3. Thimari
  4. Marcello’s Italian Restaurant
  5. Rokoko
  6. Anamma

International – Hotel Restaurant

  1. Koi (Capo Bay)
  2. M Fusion (Four Seasons)
  3. Ma (Q Blu Plaza, Radisson Blu Hotel)
  4. Matsuhisa Limassol (Amara Hotel)
  5. Notios (Almyra Hotel)
  6. Seasons Oriental (Four Seasons)
  7. The Grill (Parklane, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa)
  8. The Polo Bar Restaurant (Alasia Boutique Hotel)

Mediterranean – Hotel Restaurant

  1. Armyra By Papaioannou (Amara Hotel)
  2. Helios (Anassa Hotel)
  3. Islands (Parklane, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa)
  4. Limanaki Fish Restaurant (Amathus Beach Hotel)
  5. Ristorante Locatelli (Amara Hotel)
  6. Scale (Map Hotel)
  7. Elliniko Mezedopolio (Hilton)Our guests from Eightpoint were impressed by it.

Best Gastropub by KEO Beer

  1. Billy Jo Sports House
  2. B.R. Hub pub & eatery
  3. Chester᾽S Bar & Restaurant
  4. Draught Microbrewery
  5. Knight’s Pub-Restaurant
  6. Moondog’s Bar & Grill
  7. Murphy’s Pub

Check In Special Award «The Steak houses»

  1. Columbia Steakhouse
  2. Hobos Steak House
  3. Salt & Fire
  4. The Lodge Restaurant
  5. The Steakhouse
  6. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

As Polarity Technologies has learned from the relevant article of Check In Cyprus, you can vote for your favourite places here, and if you are lucky enough you might win a NespessoCitiz coffee machine too!

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