What’s New on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is probably the strongest business networking tool of the modern corporate world. It is widely used not only by companies, but also by individuals who aim to expand their professional network.

LinkedIn profiles are contemporary CVs. Our profile is the medium we use to tell other people a story. Our story! Who we are, what we are passionate about and what we have achieved so far.

We use our profile to introduce ourselves to potential clients, associates, employers and even to future employees. Therefore, it’s vital not only to build a page that inspires credibility, but also to keep it updated at all times.

Polarity Technologies has learned from Social Media Today that LinkedIn has recently  launched a new section at the top part of the profile pages, called Features.

According to Social Media Today ”Users will be able to add any of their LinkedIn posts to their Featured listing, while you’ll also be able to add links to external websites (for example your personal blog or portfolio), images and/or documents, in order to showcase specific aspects and achievements to your profile visitors.”

Social media platforms develop rapidly. We wonder what’s next.

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