What is TikTok Tips?

TikTok launches TikTok Tips account, as Polarity Technologies has learned from Social Media Today.

As per its description, TikTok Tips aims to promote privacy, safety and positive vibes.

Many of us would think that TikTok Tips will include tips and tricks to help TikTok users improve their performance.

However, that’s not true. The prime purpose of the account is to create through guidance, a safe space for TikTok’s young audience.

In particular, TikTok Tips account uses popular influencers, as ambassadors to share useful information on how TikTok users can have a positive experience while remaining safe and how they can use the safety tools, as Polarity Technologies found out.

As part of its effort to provide a safe and judgement free platform, TikTok  has revised the rules of acceptable behaviour and has updated the community guidelines.

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