We Had Lunch Together!

Just like many other companies, Polarity Technologies Ltd is still working from home.

If you follow Polarity Technologies’ blog, you might already know that our team has been working remotely since last March. Slack & Zoom are the two main apps we use for our day-to-day communication.

Apart from that, we do casual virtual meetings on a regular basis to make sure that we don’t loose contact on a more personal level. The Virtual Coffee Breaks, as we call them, is a great opportunity for us to share our news and to come closer as a team.

Occasionally, we even have lunch together. Last Thursday we had a virtual team lunch and we played the usual quiz, where each member was supposed to answer correctly as many questions as possible. The meals where delivered to our houses by Foody, just on time!

Casual virtual meetings help our team remain connected even if team members are working from home. Meaningful interactions among team members are important to keep the bonds strong during these times, and thankfully Zoom helps a lot.