We Got Treats From Japan!

Every now and then Polarity Technologies‘s team travels to other parts of the world.

We love travelling to foreign countries, especially to destinations with significantly different cultures from our. We even choose to extend our trips sometimes, in order to have the time to explore a bit more the area or nearby countries.

In an effort to share our experience with the rest of the team, we usually bring little souvenirs and local treats upon our return.

Alexandros Savvides, Polarity Technologies Ltd‘s Director of Accounting & Operations, has recently travelled to China for business and extended his stay, so he could visit Japan.

This was his first time in Japan, and based on his feedback his trip was an amazing experience. Given that Japan has a long history and a big reputation on desserts and treats, Alexandros couldn’t return to the office with empty hands.

He brought us some very interesting Japanese treats such us KitKat Wasabi &  KitKat Sake. He even brought us some … not-so-common snacks such us Shredded Dried Squid and Dry Cod with Sesame! Although we’ ve heard and read a lot about Japan, we’ve never been there. So this was a good chance for us to get a…taste!

The flexibility and freedom of our corporate culture, is something that we really love. It allow us more room and time to expand our horizons, live new experiences and grow.

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