We are Leaving For Easter

On Good Friday and Easter Monday, Polarity Technologies Ltd’ s office will be closed. If you are following our blog you might already know that in Polarity Technologies Ltd we encourage work-life balance.

Our annual leave policy is quite flexible, so our staff members can make their own arrangements and enjoy longer weekends. Since the 1st of May is also a public holiday here in Cyprus,  some of us have decided to take an annual leave on  Easter Tuesday so they can enjoy more days with their families and beloved ones.

The past few months have been really challenging for our team, and the weeks to come are expected to be demanding. On the upcoming days we will get some rest and recharge our batteries so we can return to the office fresh and ready to take …”action”!

Don’t forget that we are moving in a new office soon, therefore there are a lot of things to be done.

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