We are Free to Leave on August…Or Not

The third week of August is here. Most of the companies in Cyprus are closed during this time of the year, and some have even been closed since the first week of the month. The hot weather calls for exotic cocktails by the beach and party under the moonlight.

Some of us here in Polarity Technologies Ltd, have decided to take our annual leave on August and enjoy our holidays at the seaside where others, prefer to keep it for later.

Here in Polarity Technologies Ltd we offer freedom of choice in many aspects. Flexible schedule and dress code are only some of them.

More than this, we allow our staff members to choose freely when they will use their annual leave.

Forcing employees to take off on specific dates, using their annual holiday entitlement, is a common practice of Cyprus’ companies, especially during August.

In Polarity Technologies Ltd we understand that each person has different needs and we respect that. People are free to request annual leave at any time of the year based on their personal preferences.

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