Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2021

Have you ever wondered how marketing will be like when pandemic ends? Here is what Polarity Technologies Ltd has learned.

The predictions of digital marketing trends for this year are not easy to be made. The pandemic has affected greatly the way businesses and consumers communicate and behave. Liana Technologies predicted that the changes that COVID-19 has brought, are not temporary. Are here to stay. These changes will last and impact the future.

These are the 10 marketing trends that Liana Technologies has predicted for 2021, as presented by  Social Media Today.

  1. Brands will be expected to show transparency, purpose and accountability.
  2. Micro and Nano influencer-generated-content will be very powerful.
  3. Video posts will be preferred over other type.
  4. Businesses will automate as many business and IT processes as possible with the use of AI.
  5. Data Analysts and Data Visualization Specialists will be in high demand.
  6. Consumers will be better informed on data privacy and security.
  7. The number of remote workers will rise.
  8. Live streaming will keep growing and events will become hybrid.
  9. User generated content will become the modern  “word of mouth”.
  10. Many businesses will be digitalized as the pandemic has increased the need for ecommerce.

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