Tomorrow you Should Bike to Work! Here is why – Polarity Technologies Ltd

Using a bicycle to get to our workplace is not that common in Cyprus yet, first of all because of the hot weather during summer and secondly, because of the lack of bike lanes. The good news is that September is here and temperature has began to drop. So if you are lucky enough to live in an area with well connected bike lanes then you should definitely consider using your bike during the following months. The benefits of using your bike are many.

  • You will tone your body up and develop stamina. No time to hit the gym? No problem. Just use your bike instead of your car.
  • It makes you more happy. Keeping your body active releases happy hormones. Woohoo!
  • It fights stress and depression. Using your car to reach Kalispera traffic lights at 8am every morning could be pretty stressful and depressing, right?
  • It’s quicker! Definitely it is. If you are driving in Nicosia during pick hours, no matter what the distance is, you will definitely reach the destination earlier using your bike (…or your feet)
  • It’s cost efficient! You do not have to pay for petrol, parking, car service, car insurance, vehicle licence, MOT certificate & possible fines. You also don’t have to pay for gym subscription!
  • Finally, you help the environment and other people…who are still using their car

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