Today is Asian Tuesday @ Polarity Technologies’ Office

Polarity Technologies Ltd team loves Asian food so much that we have poke bowls for lunch at least once a week.

Although poke bowl is considered to be a Hawaiian dish, some ingredients and seasonings are heavily influenced by Japanese and other Asian cuisines. What we love most about poke bowls is their…”flexibility”, as they can be adjusted to each one’s personal taste.

You can pick all the ingredients that you like, and create your own bowl by adding smoked tuna, salmon, shrimps, vegetables and even fruits such as mango or pineapple if you feel like it. Also, you can make your bowl more or less spicy, by adding chillies or wasabi, and of course the sauce that you like.

Poke Bowls are awesome. They are delicious, fulfilling, healthy and light enough to allow us to work quick enough after our lunch break.

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