TikTok Tests A New Addition

Polarity Technologies Ltd has found out from Social Media Today that  TikTok is looking to add a URL field into its profile bios. Since the trendy video app is already testing shopping links in videos, we are not surprised that it is reportedly planning to provide link options into users’ profile pages too.

As you can understand, users will soon be able to add the link of their web page or blog on their profiles. This new addition will not only attract new individuals, but will probably entice more businesses to get active on TikTok, as it will help them drive more traffic to their business web pages.

According to Social Media Today ”The capacity to drive traffic is a key lure for brands, in that it better aligns with their wider marketing efforts. Building an audience on a specific platform can be helpful for brand awareness, but in order to fully capitalize on that growth, you need to be able to link them back to your home base.”

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