Tickets Booked: Polarity Technologies is Ready for Bucharest

Last December PolariTeam (directors included) flew to Romania to celebrate the End of Year. Our sister companies’ folks, from Spigot Inc. and Eightpoint Technologies, were there too. The evening started with an amazing dinner and ended with whiskey and champagne, in one of the most legendary clubs of Bucharest.

During our two-day trip we have been lucky enough to experience a snowy weather, which is not very common in Cyprus. We have tasted the traditional Romanian cuisine, visited a couple of Christmas markets and enjoyed the most delicious Papanasi (Romanian Cheese donuts) at the Grand Cafe Van Gogh, a tastefully decorated art cafe located in the old town.

The overall experience was so fun and festive that Polarity Technologies Ltd has decided to repeat it. We have already booked our tickets and can’t wait to see what this year’s trip will bring.

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