This is Nicosia’s New Beer Place

In Polarity Technologies we love our team outings. Team outings are much more than just perks. By sharing common experiences we get closer, we open up and build trust. It’s our chance to understand better the way each person thinks and behaves. This improves collaboration in the workplace, makes us more engaged and effective as a team.

Each time we go out, we usually pick a new place. We love places with good food and beer therefore we wouldn’t miss Finders.

Finders is a new beer place with a retro touch that has recently opened in Nicosia, according to CheckinCyprus. In Finders you can find a wide variety of beer and delicious pub food, such as burgers, ribs, sausages and wraps. The place is warm and cosy with rock and retro decoration elements.

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Image: Finder’s FB Page