This is How You Multitask Like A Pro

When you don’t have all the equipment you need, working from home can be challenging. Thankfully, when the SPE’s HR department announced back in March that all the group would have to work from home for a while, they encouraged us to take with us all the things that we would need.

Apart from our laptop, a mouse and a keyboard, we also took our monitors. If you have never worked with an extra monitor before, we highly recommend it.

In Polarity Technologies Ltd we have dual monitor setup at almost every desk and we LOVE it!

When the visual space is expanded, multitasking gets faster, smoother and more pleasant. By using two monitors we can run multiple applications simultaneously, view data side by side, better collaborate with the team and communicate with others.

According to Lifewire  a second monitor can help employees gain up to 50% in productivity and be happier while computing. We bet it’s true!

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