This is How we Keep PolariTeam Healthy

Sitting 8 hours straight, 5 times a week is not the best that you can do for your body and physical health.

Staying on your feet while working can be beneficial for your health. That’s why the desks we bought for our new office are height adjustable! This way we can work while standing if we feel like it and for as long as we want.

Researches have shown that standing instead of sitting during working time helps people stay healthy, maintain a healthy weight and reduces their risk of stroke and heart attack, according to Healthline.

Polarity Technologies Ltd does not only invest and care in creating a working environment that is fun and pleasant for the employees, but also aims to provide the best working conditions possible to keep PolariTeam physically healthy.

Apart from the standing desks, Polarity Technologies’ perks are indirectly encouraging employees to do better choices for their health.

Healthy snacks and fresh fruits are available for us everyday. In addition, the flexible working schedule allow us to hit the gym or do any other sport we enjoy before or after work.

According to The Balance Careers ”Work-life balance enables employees to feel as if they are paying attention to all of the important aspects of their lives. It occurs when employees experience the flexibility of a workplace that allows them to pursue all components of a healthy life.”

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