These Are The 5 Happiest Countries in The World

 “Ever since April of 2002, a group of collaborative individuals have released an annual report in which they detail the happiness levels of people around the world, according to the countries in which people live”, as Polarity Technologies has found out from World Population Review.

As Polarity has learned, the report evaluates the happiness performance of each country based on the six following factors:

  • Gross Domestic Product per Capita
  • Social Support
  • Healthy Life Expectancy
  • Freedom to Make your Own Life Choices
  • Generosity of General Population
  • Perceptions of Internal and External Corruption Levels

According to this year’s report, the happiest country in the world for 2020 is Finland with score 7.769 . The four countries that follow are DenmarkNorwayIceland, and the Netherlands. Cyprus ranked 49th out of 156 countries, with score 6.046.

Not bad!

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