The Team of Polarity Technologies is Leaving For China . . . Again

We are leaving for Beijing again. If you follow our blog you already know that the group of companies in which  Polarity Technologies Ltd belongs to, encourages  and supports travelling.

As part of an international group of companies, we often get the chance to travel to other countries to visit people we work closely with. This includes our friends at EightPoint Technologies Ltd. Sezc. which is located in Cayman Islands, our friends at Spigot Inc.  which is located in Florida and Kansas City and of course the people from Genimous, our parent company, which is located in Beijing.

This way we develop and maintain excellent relationship between us, which help us to operate more efficiently as a group.

Although the mentality of most local companies is more conservative when it comes to employees perks, Polarity Technologies Ltd has its own people-oriented  culture. Invests heavily in people and team building because it acknowledges that people and strong teams is where success is coming from.

If you think our culture is cool, stay tuned. Follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram for future job openings.