Summer Under the Stars at Friendsland

Summer holidays are not over yet. For those who feel a bit adventurous Friendsland is a campsite with a beautiful atmosphere, where you can go and have an amazing time with friends and family.

Polarity Technologies Ltd found out that the place is located in the heart of nature, next to Kakomalli forest at Louvaras village in Limassol, 65km away from Nicosia.

The campsite of Friendsland is pretty organised, as all necessary facilities can be found there. This includes American BBQ , some kitchen utensils, fridge and wine fridge, ice cream machine, sound system, tables &  chairs, tents with double beds, umbrellas, games and more.

All you have to bring is clothing, food and drinks!

According to Friendsland, ”When you reach the area where the sky and the mountains and the rocks converge, you find a place of unparalleled beauty and tranquillity. You are surrounded by the inspiration to discover, (dis) connect and create.”

Here in Polarity Technologies Ltd, we love nature and outdoor activities. Therefore Friendsland is a place that we would visit for sure.

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Image: Friendland’s FB page