SPE Quarantine Fitness & Nutrition Challenge – Week 2

Members of Polarity Technologies Ltd’s team have accepted the challenge to participate to Spigot Inc. Fitness and Nutrition competition, started on April 13.

If you are following Polarity’s blog you might already know that the HR Department of  SPE (Spigot Inc., Polarity Technologies, Eightpoint) had the awesome idea of organising this amazing challenge in an effort to keep everyone, healthy, energetic and motivated while at home.

The goal for the participants of the Spigot Inc. Fitness and Nutrition Challenge is to gather as many points as they can by completing specific tasks.

Some of the tasks that Pete Neumann is asking from us to do daily is to perform cardio/interval training workouts, to complete prescribed number of exercises, to get enough sleep, to eat the right amounts of fibre and also to avoid simple carbs.

More than this, we are asked to read brief fitness or nutrition articles and to answer simple questions every day.

The best part of the challenge is the social engagement. We get points by interacting and supporting each other, with “likes” and comments. This makes the experience much more fun. Although the primary purpose of the competition was to help us develop healthy habits we were pleased to notice that the daily interaction with the other members, brings us closer as a team.

We have created a small community with a common goal. To get healthier. We encourage each other, we share our “struggles” and even our…embarrassing nutritional trespasses!

Bonding is what makes teams stronger after all.

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