Soup At The Office? 4 Places you Can Οrder From

Soups are healthy (well, most of them), light and can keep you warm during these cold days.

If you are a soup lover, or if you just need a light meal at the office to keep you going,  Polarity Technologies Ltd suggests below 4 amazing places in Nicosia where you can order a delicious soup from.

Fresco: In Polarity Technologies we Love Fresco, because of the fresh ingredients, the healthy choices and the quick service. When it comes to Soups, Ginger Carrot is our favourite. If you haven’t tried it yet, the weather today is ideal.

Get Fresh:  Nana’s Soup is similar to Ginger Carrot, which we have mentioned before, and equally tasty. Trahanas is another -traditional- taste that we love from Get Fresh and we definitely recommend it.

Olives & Burgers: Pumpkin And Apple Soup is a tasty fasting dish of just 220 calories. If you are watching you are diet, this dish is for you.

Green Foods Fresh & Bio: Hipocrates soup is an excellent choice if you want to give your immunity system a boost, as it contains some ”powerful” veggies including celery, parsley and leeks.

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