Moving Soon in A New Office!

Polarity Technologies will be soon moving in a new office. Our sister companies Eightpoint and Spigot have made an amazing job with their office spaces, and now it’s out turn.

The construction works of Eightpoint‘s new office in Cayman were completed a few months ago but  Eightpoint keeps improving the space. Over the last few months they  have been adding great features to their office such us an Xbox One, an additional Sonos speaker, a fully stocked bar and most recently a full wall decal.

Spigot Inc., on the other hand has finished the renovation work of their office in Florida just a week ago.

Spigot’s offices got much larger with a brand new kitchen, a lounge area, beautiful wave walls, conference room furniture, collaboration areas with couches and 80 standing desks to accommodate new and current employees!

Polarity‘s team is very excited about the new office as it is much brighter and contemporary than the current one. The new office is located right in the heart of Nicosia, a few minutes away from our old premises. The new space is much larger, with open working space, and stunning views as it is situated on the top floor of a 7 story building. The moving is expected to be made in a month from now.

If you want to know how our new office will look like, stay tuned. Make sure you follow Polarity Technologies Ltd on FacebookLinkedInTwitter and Instagram.