Polarity Technologies: This is Our New Habit

Have you ever considered walking to work? Walking to work is not a common practice here in Cyprus. Even when the distance between home and work is small, people still prefer to use their cars to reach their destination.

However, the benefits of walking to work are so many that we suggest you reconsider. Although summer in Cyprus might not be ideal for strolls due to the heat, it’s still January.

The sky is blue, the sun shines brightly (most of the times) and the weather is cool enough for pleasant and sweat-free walks.

If your house is not very far from your workplace, here are some reasons that will motivate you to give it a try.

  • You will be doing your cardio without even noticing. You will improve your health and your body.
  • It will put you in a good mood. That’s because physical exercise releases happy hormones. Woohoo!
  • You will be less stressed. Being stuck in traffic every day it’s not fun, right?
  • You will be using your time more wisely, doing something that is beneficial to your metal and physical health.
  • It’s cost efficient
  • …and  eco friendly!

Members of Polarity Technologies have started walking to the office instead of driving and they say that it feels great.

We are proud to say that Polarity Technologies team keeps adopting new, healthier habits as the time passes. Becoming the best version of ourselves is a goal that we silently share.

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