Polarity Technologies Suggests: Top 5 Low Cost Destinations, Awesome in October

October 2019 in Cyprus has not one but two national holidays! This gives all travel lovers (including us, here in Polarity Technologies Ltd) a good excuse to schedule a short getaway somewhere near.

Weather is an important factor to take into consideration when scheduling to travel. Extreme heat or cold, can ruin the experience. Bad weather can make it difficult for travellers to move around,  explore the destination and fully enjoy the trip.

If you are heat intolerant you better avoid going to Dubai or Rome in August. Same goes for cold. If you can’t stand the low temperatures avoid Oslo or Stockholm on February.

October however is one of our favourite months for travelling because it’s the perfect time (weather wise) to go almost everywhere in Europe. On top of that,  ticket and hotel prices are starting to drop.

Below are 5 awesome destinations worth visiting in October, which are also very affordable!

  1. Budapest, Hungary 
  2. Warsaw, Poland
  3. Bratislava, Slovakia
  4. Belgrade, Serbia 
  5. Kiev, Ukraine

In Polarity Technologies Ltd, we love travelling and meeting people from different ethnic backgrounds.

If you enjoy travelling the world and experiencing foreign cultures then you better stay tuned. Maybe your dream job is not that far away.

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