Polarity Technologies Ltd Went to The 1st Vegan Fam Festival

On Saturday members of Polarity Technologies Ltd went to the 1st Vegan Fam Festival, which took place at the Olive Tree Park, in Psematismenos.

The festival exceeded our expectations. Considering the fact that this festival was taking place for the first time, we didn’t expect to be that big and awesome. However, we were wrong!  We were positively surprised to see how many people were already there when we arrived. It was only 12pm and the park was already filled with visitors.

Dozens of vendors were there displaying their products that were not limited to food. Cosmetics, books, jewelries, environmental friendly items and other traditional products were available for the public to buy.

When it comes to food and drinks, the options were countless! Apart from the vegan street food (Asian, Italian, American food and more), one could also find amazing vegan desserts, such as donuts, cakes and ice cream. What we loved most about the food was the pure homemade products, such as traditional fresh bread, traditional sweets and homemade pasta that were sold by local producers.

The festival was absolutely worthy.

We are sure that next year’s event will be even bigger and better…and we won’t miss it!

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