Polarity Technologies Ltd: October in Cyprus Rocks! Here is why we Love it

In Polarity Technologies Ltd we love October for many reasons.

  • The Weather: Cyprus’ weather in October is amazing. If you have visited Cyprus during the summer months you have probably noticed that the heat can often become unbearable. In October, however, the temperature drops to 77 °F. The sky is blue and the sun shines bright.
  • Happenings: The cool weather makes this month ideal for open air events, such us concerts, festivals and sport events. Locals are back from their holidays and the capital city gets lively again.
  • Long Weekends – National Holidays: October in Cyprus has two important national anniversaries. The Independence Day which is celebrated on the 1st day of the month and the “Ohi” day which is celebrated on the 28th. As part of the celebration, school and army parades are taking place all over the island. During these days people of Cyprus get the chance to get together with their  families and spend time with their beloved ones.

…And so do we, here in Polarity Technologies Ltd.

Polarity Technologies Ltd encourages work-life balance and embraces it as an element of a healthy corporate culture.

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