Polarity Technologies Ltd: Music Helps us Get Things Done. True or Not?

Does music make employees more or less productive?

Although almost every person we know loves music, not all of them are convinced that music boosts people’s productivity at the workplace.

However many neuroscience researches have shown that music makes people happier, therefore more productive. An interesting fact Polarity Technologies Ltd has come across is that  music releases Dopamine, which is the same chemical released when we eat our favourite food!

One more super interesting information we found out and would like to share with you is that each kind of music is boosting productivity of certain tasks. Classical music is the best if you are making calculations, pop is excellent for data entry and dance music (no lyrics)  is ideal for proof reading because it increases speed.

In Polarity Technologies Ltd we have the flexibility to listen to any kind of music we like while we work. Using our headsets we choose the kind of music we enjoy and the one that works best for us.

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