Polarity Technologies Ltd: ”First We Drink the Coffee, Then we Do the Things”

Coffee is how our days start of with, here at the office of Polarity Technologies Ltd.

We drink a lot of coffee, which is not particularly healthy but it keeps us alert and focused especially in the morning when we need a boost to get the day started. We love coffee so much that we have even placed a giant wall sticker in our kitchen that states clearly that the work will be done only after we have our cup of coffee!

The good thing is that we have been given many options when it comes to coffee. We have our Nespresso machine for espresso, latte and cappuccino but we also have the super popular, must-have, frappe mixer for the more traditional coffee drinkers.

Apart from the really cold days, which as you can imagine here in Cyprus are few, the rest days of the year we enjoy our coffee mostly cold. Cold coffee and especially frappe can’t be drunk straight from the glass! Since plastic straws are not an option for PolariTeam anymore, what could be better than bamboo straws?

Our bamboo straws are here and we love them, because they don’t taste funny just like other materials, and they don’t melt when dipped into the liquid. But the most important thing is that they are reusable, so we can enjoy as much coffee as we want without worry about harming the environment.

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