Polarity Technologies Attended Stoli Awards 2018

We were so excited to receive our invitation and special bracelet that would allow us to join the most anticipated event of the year, Stoli Awards 2018.

Our excitement was well worth it, as the event was nothing less than awesome. We arrived at Lush (the venue where the event would take place) a little later than 9pm. The event was set up in the open air.

Hundreds of happy, well-dressed people were socialising and enjoying their drinks under the stars. Gorgeous Stoli girls in red, long dresses were moving around to make sure that everything would run as planned.  The stage was enormous. The lighting, the sound system and the general set up made us think that this would be a night to remember. And it was!

Dimitris Ougkarezos and Katerina Stikoudi  had a really good chemistry on stage and their vibrant energy was passing to the audience.

The awarding process was quick and fun. The singing and dance shows were so impressive that the time passed very quickly.

The final performance was of course the one that everyone including us, Polarity Technologies Ltd, was waiting for. The crowd went wild when Sakis Rouvas and his four -talented and stunning- dancers got on stage. After his performance we were so ready to party, with the latest music hits and plenty of Stolichnaya vodka.

In Polarity Technologies Ltd, we love to party! If you enjoy travelling, parties and exclusive events, keep reading!

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