Polarity AGM 2020

Polarity Technologies AGM 2020

Polarity Technologies’ Annual General Meeting for 2020 was different to previous years. Last year the meeting took place at Parklane Hotel in Limassol, and the year before that, it was held at the Four Seasons. However, this year due to the special circumstances of COVID-19 we have decided that the meeting should be held via video conferencing.

On Thursday, the 10th of September, directors and employees got connected from different parts of the world through Zoom, to discuss the business updates and other matters related to Polarity Technologies.

Although this year we didn’t get the chance to have a physical gathering as a group, we are optimistic that next year everyone will be able to fly safely to Cyprus where we will all have an unforgettable time together.

What we miss the most about onsite AGMs are the outings and team activities that take place after the meetings.

This time of the year is always very important to us, because members of the whole SPE Group travel to Cyprus from different parts of the world to meet us, which gives us the opportunity to spend quality time with people we work closely with.

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