Polarity in Bucharest: Day 3 – The Last One

As you can imagine, the previous night ended late for Polarity Technologies, Spigot and Eightpoint. On Saturday morning some of us woke up earlier than the others, we had breakfast and headed to the Museum of Senses which is located in AFI Cotroceni. We have been told that the Museum of Senses is an experience we shouldn’t miss.

The truth is that we had a great time there and we laughed a lot. We laid down on a bed made of 1200 nails! We got into the Ames room which made us appear as giants and dwarfs and we also took pictures through the kaleidoscope.

We met the rest of the team a few hours later and we all walked to the Cărturești, Bucharest’s most impressive bookshop, situated in a restored 19th-century building. On our way to the Christmas Market we stopped for a hot cup of coffee at Ted’s.

We had our last meal at Caru’ cu Bere, a traditional restaurant with a history of more than 130 years. (Caru’ cu Bere makes the best Pavlova ever!)

After 2 amazing days in Bucharest it was time for Polarity Technologies to go home. People from Spigot Romania have been excellent hosts and made our stay enjoyable and comfortable once again this year.

During this trip we have build memories that we will remember for years.

In Polarity Technologies Ltd we have created an environment where we all work hard together to achieve our goals. Not only are we driven individuals that Work Hard, but we Play Hard too.

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