Polarity in Bucharest: Day 2 – The Party!

If you are following Polarity Technologies’ blog you possibly know already that last week PolariTeam travelled to Bucharest for a two-day party trip.

We arrived in Bucharest last Thursday, late in the evening. On Friday morning we headed to Van Gogh (our team’s favourite coffee shop) and early in the afternoon we left for Spigot‘s offices where All Hands meeting took place.

As soon as the meeting ended, we got back to Hilton to get some rest and recharge ourselves for the evening.

Polarity Technologies team met at the hotel lobby around 8pm. Everyone was well-dressed, happy and excited for the evening. For dinner we went to Mahala Restaurant. We had a rich traditional Romanian meal which included fish, meat and wine. People from Spigot Romania, have been excellent hosts. They have even taught us some basic phrases in Romanian such us ”Let’s do this”. (This specific phrase is considered basic if you work with Polarity Technologies, Spigot or EightPoint!)

A little after midnight we left for Oxya, possibly the most prestigious club in Bucharest. Stunning hostesses in white suits were greeting the guests at the entrance. The lights, the stylish decor, the gorgeous dancers and the great music made our evening, a night to remember.

Working with Polarity Technologies is an exciting journey full of positive energy and pleasant surprises. Our culture is far from common. Cool Parties, Fun Games, Outings to the Best Restaurants and Bars, Travelling, Accommodation to Luxury Hotels are only some of the benefits that keep us excited, motivated and engaged.

Our moto is ”Work Hard, Play Hard”. This mentality generates creativity, innovation, and creates an environment where young professionals can thrive.

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