Polarity in Bucharest: Day 1

If you are following our blog you might already know that the team of Polarity Technologies Ltd was about to travel to Bucharest to celebrate the end of year.

Our two day trip began last Thursday. PolariTeam and directors, we all met at Larnaca airport around 8pm. Although our flight was delayed we enjoyed every moment. We laughed a lot and the time passed quickly. We arrived in Bucharest after midnight.

Our driver was waiting for us at the arrivals. The ride to the hotel was really pleasant. The traffic was low due to the late hour, something rare for the city centre of Bucharest. The streets were heavily decorated with Christmas lighting. The atmosphere was magical. Someone said that the decor of Bucharest this year was even more impressive than London’s.

Few minutes later we arrived at the Hilton Garden Inn, located in the old town.  We have picked the same hotel for our stay as last year, because of its convenient location, its cosiness and its overall ambience. We checked-in really quickly and went to our rooms to get some rest.

We knew that the next day (and night) would be intense.

If you enjoy reading about Polarity Technologies‘ little adventures stay tuned and find out what happened on Day 2!

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