PolariTeam is on A Mission

If you are following our blog you might already know by now that Polarity Technologies is moving to a new office.

Teamwork is one of the core values of Polarity’s culture, therefore every and each one of us got involved in the process. Some of us are good with numbers, others are more artistic and others are good with planning. So the input of each one is important to get this project successfully completed.

The new office reflects Polarity’s true style & character, and our team is really excited about this change.

Our workspace is our little kingdom. It’s where we spend the majority of our day. It’s the place where we hustle, we chase and we create. We are really happy that we have the chance to actively participate in the project as a team and create a place that is inspiring and welcoming to us.

Although there are still many things to be done, we are moving quite fast.

PolariTeam is  looking forward  to move to this bright and contemporary office which is located  just a few minutes away from our current premises, in the heart of the city.

If you want to know how our new office will look like, stay tuned. Make sure you follow Polarity Technologies Ltd on FacebookLinkedInTwitter and Instagram.