Open Work Space was a Major Change. Did PolariTeam Like it?

Moving to a new office brought several changes to our routine, not only as individuals but as a team too. A major one was that we moved from private offices to open office space. Highly successful tech companies have their employees working in open office spaces, however there is a massive debate about whether this model makes teams more productive or less.

Here is what happened with Polarity Technologies.

Although while working in private offices we were more focused and protected from distractions, it kept us isolated.

By repetitively doing what you already know, following the exact same path each time, it does make you faster but does not allow you to evolve much.  The friction with other minds does; the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

We would probably move quicker if we were isolated. But sharing knowledge, ideas and different points of view help us grow and discover new paths.

”Alone you go fast, together you go far”.

Be in the same room 40 hours a week brought us much closer as a team … and yes, we love it!

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