Strictly For Food Lovers

In Polarity Technologies Ltd we love good food! (I bet you already know that). We are huge foodies and we often find ourselves scoping out the latest and greatest places to eat. We are excited to go to new places and try different dishes, and Fork Food Market is the perfect excuse!

”The idea is to start a revolution in Cyprus for the thing we love most: FOOD! We want to introduce a new way of providing food, a way that is already established in other countries. 
So we decided to organise Fork Food Market, a mobile food market, which is organised from time to time in different areas and spaces. 
In each market, approximately 8 vendors have the opportunity to offer their food from mobile stalls. We strive to offer not only quality street food, but also healthy food! For this reason, we insist on homemade food from the best raw materials. Combining exceptional quality of materials and taste, as well as affordable prices”Fork says.

The upcoming events of  Fork Food Market will take place this Friday 1st of February 2019 & next Friday 8th of February, at the indoor market of The Old Nicosia Town Hall, opposite ”STOA”. Food will be available from 7pm to 11pm. The bar will be serving mulled wine and zivania to keep us warm and the DJ SixOneSix will be on the decks until midnight.

Check the Food Options below:

Authentic Italian Dishes by  Aglio, Olio E Peperoncino 

”Even though she has been living in Cyprus for years now, Lucia comes from Italy and carries with her loads of magic in the kitchen. At Fork Food Market you will always find her serving you authentic Italian dishes such as lasagne and cannelloni always fresh and made with love. The main thing you will find at their stall though are their amazing pizzas! Some of the options are the Margherita (tomato sauce and cheese), the Piccante (spicy sauce, cheese and spicy salami) and the Colorata (sauce, cheese, ham, mushrooms, black olives, corn and coloured peppers).”

Pure Ice Cream by  Big Softie

”Big Softie first started operating in 2017 bringing to Cyprus the very first soft serve which wasn’t made from powder but from scratch, using the purest ingredients like fresh milk, organic sugar and natural vanilla. Every recipe is produced in small quantities so there is always good quality control! The signature flavours of Big Softie are salted caramel and orange blossom.”

Traditional Tawian Food by Bao

”For those who don’t know, gua bao is a traditional food from Taiwan that usually consists of a piece of pork belly, slowly cooked in an aromatic mixture, served with fresh cilantro and powdered peanuts in a soft steamed bun. Bao at Fork Food Market offers the choice of pork belly but also the vegetarian option of aubergine, both served with tasty sauces, fresh cilantro, homemade pickled celery and peanut powder.”

Nepalese Dumblings by MOMO

”The MOMO team is a new arrival in the Cyprus street food scene, coming to us with the traditional Nepalese Momo.  MOMO is a type of dumpling made of simple white flour and water and made by hand and requires trained craftsmanship. Usually filled with finely chopped vegetables such as carrot, spring onion, zucchini and Asian spices it can be served as a vegan option or stuffed additionally with minced chicken or pork. At this stall you can also find the MOMO soup which is made with steamed MOMOS in a rich vegetable or meat broth.”

Alternative Burgers by Road Bans

”The bun in which the burger is served is homemade and with beetroot! Also, as part of the ‘healthier eating’ effort they have moved past ready-made sauces and frozen potato chips and they are offering homemade sauces like homemade ketchup and chimichurri sauce as well as the best homemade potato fries, all of which with no preservatives and added substances.”

Vegetarian and Vegan Creations by The Food Garden

”The Food Garden team uses anything that grows in the garden: greens and vegetables, fruit, seeds, herbs and flowers to prepare vegetarian, vegan and raw food, snacks and desserts. With respect for nature and the environment, Food Garden focuses on the use of natural and organic seasonal raw materials from local producers. They pay special attention to the preparation of healthy, nutritious and delicious meals for everyone such as: baked vegetarian burgers, falafel, vegetable wraps and delicious sauces, curries, burritos, soups and salads.”

American Style Burgers by The Munchables

”The Munchables focuses on anything that could come within homemade fluffy bread and specialising in melt-in-your-mouth breaded chicken and slow cooked smoked meats. Creative cuisine inspired by American food culture and prepared with super sized love and soul.”

The Tastier German Bratwurst by Top Dog

”The idea of Top Dog was to create a Hot Dog, but not the usual kind. After many tastings and searching they imported the German Bratwurst (Original & Pepperoni taste) from overseas & created ‘the tastiest German Bratwurst’ in Cyprus as many of their clients have commented. With their passion for taste and quality they found one of the tastiest bread rolls to use for their ‘dogs’ and also make their own homemade caramelised onion and sauerkraut as toppings.”

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