No Christmas Party This Year. This is What We Got Instead

Although Polarity Technologies won’t have a Christmas party this year, SPE group came up with an alternative idea to spread joy.

In lieu of a party, the management team has decided to take the funds the group would have used on gatherings and send everyone Christmas gifts to show their appreciation for all our hard work this year.

An email arrived in our inboxes last week, saying the following:

“2020 has brought a multitude of struggles, but we recognize all the hard work and dedication everyone has put forth this year. As a token of our appreciation, treat yourself to one of the gifts below.”

The gift options we have been given to choose from, were out of this world! Some of the gifts on the list were Apple Watch SE, Oculus Quest 2, Nintendo Switch, Apple AirPods Pro, Apple HomePod, GoPro Hero8 Action Camera and more.

Although we miss the fun of the annual team trip and party, we were very excited to receive these gifts. Working with Polarity Technologies is a crazy journey full of pleasant surprises. You never know what’s coming next!

Click here and find out what we did last Christmas.

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