Millennials vs. Generation Z

Gen Z is consisted by individuals that were born after 1996.

This new generation looks a lot like Gen Y (also known as Millennials).

However, there are some significant differences between the two generation groups that are worth to mention.

  • Focused on Money: Being in love with their job is not a top priority to Gen Z, as long as they are paid well. Unlike Millennials, financial freedom is more important to them than doing the job of their dreams.
  • Tech Savvy: Millenials are tech savvy too. However Gen Zers, were born with a device in their hands, which they use for communication, entertainment and a lot of research.
  • Confident: They are well-informed about several topics and they often have strong opinions on them that they feel the urge to share.
  • Competitive: They are more competitive than Millennials, therefore they prefer to work independently than in teams.
  • Open to Change: They constantly seek new ideas and experiences and they would change direction on a dime, according to TTISI.

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