Polarity Technologies Loves “Foody”! Here is Why

Our office’s central location gives us countless options when it comes to catered food.

If you follow Polarity’s blog you might already know that PolariTeam enjoys complementary lunch every Monday & Wednesday.

“Foody” makes the food ordering procedure super quick and easy, that’s why we use it all the time at the office of Polarity Technologies. What we like most about “Foody” is that we can view all of our options with a simple scroll down.

As soon as we co-decide the restaurant, we can pick our food all at once, simply by being connected to the same account.

We can add our special request in the comment section and evaluate the restaurant at the end. When we want to try something new, like today, ratings help us to decide the place. (Awesome addition, Foody!)

Today we ordered our lunch from M-Theory Protein House for the first time. We had sweet potatoes, chicken wrap, grilled veggies and fresh fruits. The food was fresh and tasty and we liked the fact that calories, protein, carbs and fat were all written under each dish.

The benefits we have working with Polarity Technologies Ltd are many. Team outings, complementary lunch, travelling and parties are only some.

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