LinkedIn’s “Brand and Demand” Guide is Here

If you are looking to build your brand and create more leads, you probably wonder what ‘s the optimal balance, and how can you can set campaigns that are ideally suited to both goals.

LinkedIn’s new “Brand and Demand” guide, offers a variety of tips and notes about how to use LinkedIn to meet the two goals in a single marketing path, as Polarity Technologies has found out from Social Media Today.

The main objective is to provide a broader perspective of how your campaigns should utilize more features in-stream and to achieve the objectives of both the lead gen and brand building in a more inclusive, coordinated manner.

According to Social Media Today, the guide also contains the following reference on the coming analytical function:

“Soon we’ll be introducing company engagement insights so marketers like you can ensure you’re reaching the right people within target accounts both on LinkedIn and with your website. With these insights you can focus your spend on accounts that are low in awareness or engagement, and prioritize highly engaged accounts for more conversion oriented campaigns.”

You can download LinkedIn’s “Brand and Demand Playbook” here.

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