LinkedIn Supports The Professional World Amid COVID-19

LinkedIn is remaining active amid Coronavirus outbreak by taking steps that will benefit users, non only professionally but on a personal level too.

Specifically, as Polarity Technologies Ltd has learned from Social Media Today, some of the measures that have been taken include broadcasting WHO updates live daily and “scaling its events platforms to enable companies to reach audiences virtually”.

Additionally, LinkedIn has recently added a new feature called Trending News, which appears in the News Feed, to draw attention to updates that come from reliable sources, experts and health authorities.

The biggest addition though, seems to be the launching of 16 Online Learning Courses which will include tips on how to stay productive, build distance professional relationships, use virtual meeting tools, and balance family and work. The best part, is that the courses will be available to everyone for free!

According to the article of Social Media Today, ”Providing relevant courses for free is a good step from LinkedIn, particularly with respect to utilizing virtual tools for connection. LinkedIn says that it will continue to evolve its approach in-step to ensure it’s keeping its members informed and facilitating optimal platform use.”

We are glad to see tech giants taking action in an effort to make the upcoming days more bright and we hope that more businesses will follow.

In Polarity Technologies Ltd, we stay positive and we believe that people’s mindset can change the game.

Can we get through this? Yes we can!

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